Decoding communication : An emotionally intelligent life skill 

  • Good communication and collaboration are central to quality, safety and a cooperative culture .
  • A less stressed team are more engaged and productive.
  • Reducing stress at work and in personal life improves relationships and wellbeing . 

KEYU provides communication education and supports health and wellbeing.

KEYU is a not for profit project . We provide scholarships for nursing staff and fund research into cultural change.  

In Process Communication Model® (PCM) Seminars , you learn about a logical model of personality and how to decode the language and behaviour of others.

Ever found yourself unable to get to where another person is coming from and how to decode the behaviour of others and yourself, despite your best efforts? It’s almost like we are speaking a different language, and in a way, we are.

If you are working with people and you don’t understand how they tick, you are flying blind – especially if you work in a team or manage a team. Miscommunication and interpersonal conflict cause significant stress, impact on wellbeing and performance. This often results in misunderstandings, high levels of sick leave, cultures of blame and poor retention. In safety critical environments like hospitals, miscommunication can cause significant harm. In other industries it wastes time and energy and increases costs .

      You can book to attend 1- and 3-day seminars on communication and self-management on our Seminars page.

 *In our seminars, you will learn how different perceptions, communication styles and psychological needs are important elements in our interactions at work and at home.